Thank you for purchasing your brand new Silver Bullet, Basil Cacau, Brasilian Seduction Product. Get to know more about the Silver Bullet brand by visiting

Your flat iron has a three-month technical warranty from the time of purchase, Click here to see what we Do and Don’t fix.

We know how excited you are about owning your very first Silver Bullet, Basil Cacau, Brasilian Seduction straightener/flat iron. We would like to give you a few tips on how to use and maintain your straightener/flat iron so that your equipment can last for years to come.

How to unbox your brand new hair straightener / flat iron

The box is built for the protection of your hair tool. Simply, place the box on a solid surface and lift open the side, hold the box down gently and lift your sparkling new Silver Bullet up from the plastic holder, lift the plastic holder up and take the cord out from under the holder. You are now ready to use your flat iron.

Please place your box in a safe place as it will contain your Warranty number.

How to clean your iron after use

It is only natural that over time our flatirons will acquire some buildup, especially when used each and every day, and it is obvious that the cleaner the iron, the better the styling, and the better the styling, the better the overall outcome.

Here are some tips on how to maintain and regularly clean your straightener/flat iron:

  • Switch On & Heat-up: To begin, turn your flatiron on the lowest setting and let it heat up. This is a very important step, as the heat aids in loosening up product buildup on the plates, making them easier to clean. Once it’s sufficiently warm, unplug the iron, and double-check to make sure it is not connected to the outlet.
  • Grab A Soft Towel & Very Little Water: Grab a soft towel and either warm water or some alcohol (for a deeper clean) and rub gently on the ceramic or titanium plates, make sure not to scrub too hard, as this can damage the plates. Another tip is that you can use cotton swabs if you don’t want to get a towel dirty.
  • Clean & Repeat The Above Steps Atleast Once A Month.

Professional advice for long lasting hair equipment | silver bullet straightener flat iron
The Do’s and Don’ts of straightening / flat ironing


  1. Refrain from products that are sticky or tacky such as hairspray, hair serums etc. Hairsprays and other tacky textured products can cause the iron to stick to the hair or create dampness. Unless your iron is specifically made for damp hair, flat ironing hair that has any indication of dampness may cause serious damage to the iron – *Please note: Your flat iron is under a three-month warranty from the time of purchase and does not cover accidental damage. To be safe, we suggest that customers do not add any serums or hairspray to their hair before using the iron and to only flat iron dry hair after being dried with a blowdryer. Read more about our warranty by clicking here. Why is flat ironing damp hair a don’t? An analogy to keep in mind is ironing damp clothes – this increases the chances of burning a hole in your clothes and enforces wrinkles. The outcome is similar for hair.
  2. Taking thick sections is a major don’t. The challenge is that the heat from the iron will not penetrate through all the hair within the section, straightening only the areas that the plates touch; the exterior parts. We end up compensating for this by passing the iron over the section several times which causes excessive heat on the outer parts of the section and only partly affecting the internal of the section. The result of this is an inconsistent style with potential damage to the hair by excessively placing heat on the hair. Example: A good example is cooking a steak. You place the steak on a hot grill or surface, searing the edges, but keeping the inside pink and warm. Yes, this is a great tasting steak, but the inside does not receive the same amount of heat as the outside. Alternatively, when you roast a steak using low heat for a longer period of time then you get even temperature throughout the steak.
  3. Use horizontal sections. Why not? Horizontal sections tend to create flat, lifeless styles. Although straight and smooth hair is what we’re going for, most people still want some volume and bounce.
  4. Flat iron the hair before combing to remove any kinks or knots. The iron seals what goes into the hair, so without removing kinks before applying heat and pressure into the sections, you will run into an extremely difficult task trying to straighten them out!


  1. Use diagonal sections. Diagonal sections create roundness and that leads to more volume. Small diagonal sections will reinforce smoothness while keeping bounce and movement in your hair.
  2. Call us for further assistance with your flat iron.